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Mt Etna is a very big tourist attraction to a lot of people from all over the world.  It has very good snowboarding and ski slopes down the side of the volcano. This is a huge attraction to tourists.

 Unfortunatly when the volcano erupts, the slopes need to be shut down. This is not a problem  for the people that live on the edges and around the volcano.The villagers make money from the lava, by making souveniers from the lava, to sell to the tourists.Over the years from 1500bc, when the people could not control the larva`s flow, this volcano caused masses of destruction.now the larva is directed away from the people as much as possible, insted of the volcano being trouble, it  earns the people money.

 Mt Etna has two ski slopes,.they are called Camigliatello Silano, and Monte Sirino. These slopes are very big. Camigliaello Silano is 228km high, and Monte Sirino is 286km high. These slopes are close to Mt Etnas original slope, Mount Etna Nicolosi  has 14 different tarrains,these are used for all different people with different skill levels of skiing. The slopes have four lifts going right to the top of the slopes. The slopes are open between november and march every year, with a height of 3350m these slopes are perfect for skiing. Mt Etna is Sicily's highest mountin as well as the worlds most active volcano.

The times and information i have researched with regards to Mt Etna, and how often it erupts,and the history of these eruptions as well as other information from the villagers,please refer to:- volcano live. where have recorded further information,pictures and my first ever web site assignment.

I have worked on this in great depts during the christmas holiday, I have also tried to hand this in to my teacher of geography early,than the due date of friday 9th of january. Im pleased to report that i had completed my work to hand in for the 4th of january.





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